Formal Wear Glossary - MFW 03-22-2014

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Formal Wear Glossary

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Cutaway or Stroller

For formal or daytime weddings, the groom wears the cutaway/morning coat, which tapers from the front waist button to a long, wide back tail. The cutaway jacket is either black or grey and is worn with matching striped trousers.

Dinner Jacket

A white or ivory jacket with black formal trousers is an ideal option in Spring and Summer months or year-round in warmer climates.


A single or double breasted jacket with matching trousers for formal or semi-formal evening events.

White Tie

This is a classic choice for an ultra formal evening event. The tailcoat jacket is short in front with two long black tails. A white pique wing collar shirt, vest and tie are also worn.


Tuxedo jackets come with three basic lapel styles. Some are more flattering to certain body types. Choosing the lapel that is right for you is a matter of taste.


A triangle indention is cut where the lapel joins the collar.


A broad V-shaped lapel that points up and out just below the collar line.
Shawl A smooth, rounded lapel.


The main difference between shirt styles is in the collar.

Band Collar

A collar that stands up around the neck and above the buttons. This is the most contemporary style tuxedo shirt.

Wing Collar

Similar to the band collar but the two turned down points in front give the appearance of a spread collar.

Spread Collar

Similar to a man's standard button front shirt, it folds over and around the neck with a wide division between points in front.



A wide necktie that is looped over and held in place beneath the chin with a tie tack or stick pin.

Bow Tie

A short tie shaped like a bow that can be worn with a wing or spread collar. A bow tie adjusts to fit any neck size and are available in a variety of colors to match vests and cummerbunds.

Cuff Links

Decorative jewelry, used to close French Cuffs.


A silk or satin sash as an alternative to a vest, to be worn at the waist and covering the waistband. A cummerbund should be worn with the pleats facing upward.

Euro Tie

A long knotted square bottom neck tie worn with a wing or spread collar shirt.

Four-In-Hand Tie

A standard long knotted necktie worn with a spread collar. Most men wear a four-in-hand tie to work daily.


Jewelry similar to cuff links that are used to close the front of a tuxedo shirt.


A vest is worn in place of a cummerbund to cover the waistband. A vest is usually worn with a coordinating bow tie. A vest comes in a full back, half back and open back

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